Thesaurus I console

About This Project

The exquisite symbiosis between nature and jewerly. Passion and craftsmanship are united to create a unique piece where 14,000 Swarovski crystals and the trunk of a century old olive tree merge to shape the Thesaurus console.

Thesaurus, treasure in Latin, symbolizes the treasures that have been trapped by the passage of time. In some cases these treasures are visible, and in others, they are only in the memories and feelings of people. Swarovski crystals collect these emotions expressing them in their infinite sparkles.

This piece is an exotic symbiosis between the natural warmth of the wood with its sinuous organic lines, and the elegance and opulence of the crystals.

A delicate creation process of several months of work shaped the first piece of the collection Thesaurus by Amarist. 14,000 crystals of different sizes, from the Elements series, are carefully imbedded one by one in the natural fissures of this centenary olive trunk.

A seeming crystal vertebral column arises from the black marble, which symbolizes the earth, extending vertically until it reaches the surface of the glass plate, in the shape of an olive leaf.

Year: 2013
Unique Piece

Highlights: Console. Unique piece, non reproducible.
Arts and technics: Jewell work, woodwork, marble work, glasswork.
Materials: Swarovski Elements, Spanish Olive tree wood, Marquina black marble, tempered glass and 24 K Gold plated brass.

Height to tabletop: 81 cm/ 31,89 in
Total height: 88 cm/ 34,65 in
Total width: 60 cm/ 23,62 in
Total length: 220 cm/86,61 in
Weight: 160 kg/ 352 lb approximately




20 November

Artwork, Furniture