Equilibrium Pop

About This Project

A handmade side table that confers originality and freshness to your home. Volumes of natural wood veneers are invaded by lacquered glossy colors, representing the influence of fashion and trends transferred into nature.
This piece belongs to our beautiful Equilibrium Collection.

Year: 2014

Limited Edition: 7 pieces.

Highlights: Geometric and modern side table.
Arts and techniques: Woodwork and lacquer work.
Materials: Ash-olive root veneers and paint.
Finishing: Matt finish and color palette to choose from.

Customize Options:

Color palette, structural size upon request (height and diameter).
* The collection Equilibrium is made of natural wood veneers, each piece can present a different finish due to the nature of the wood.


Height: 600 mm / 23,62 in.
Table top diameter: 600 mm / 23,62 in.
Weight: 22 Kg / 28 lb approximately.


Artwork, Furniture