About us


Amarist is a creative studio based in Barcelona, Spain. Formed by the artists and designers Arán Lozano and Clara Campo.

Active in contemporary Art and Design. The studio focuses on the creation of functional pieces capable of stimulating the thoughts of the viewer through works that invite to reflect on the world around us.

Amarist Studio’s work explores the impact that humanity generates in the world in its continuous evolution. A process that involves observing the imbalances and the gaps that occur in the different cultural assemblages

Declaration of the artist

The Amarist Studio work within a framework of reflection and development of pieces critic with today’s international social, cultural, and economic news.

A series of everyday objects and preconceived symbols are transformed into functional sculptures to stimulate consciousness. Changing inherited concepts and putting to manifest the consequences behind our actions and interests.

All the pieces are characterized by their colossal visual power, transmitting questions and challenging issues of today’s international news.


During the process of reflection and creation of their work, Amarist Studio felt the necessity to move from ideas to action. As an example of how Art and Design can be important actors to change concepts and help improve society. The Studio generated the Welcome Movement, a collection of jewelry made entirely with pieces of the border walls, whose proceeds are donated to the refugees fleeing war zones and natural disasters. Welcome changes the meaning of the razor wire and makes it a symbol of respect, tolerance and human dignity. Generating a viral movement to raise awareness and funds to the needs of survivors.

Discover more at: www.welcomemovement.org


Aran Lozano Amarist studio

Aran Lozano, 1988, Designer and Artist from Zaragoza, Spain.

Sofia Leclair Amarist studio

Sofía Leclair, 1983. Team Manager. Born in Toronto and raised in Spain.

Clara Campo Amarist studio

Clara Campo, 1988, Architect and Designer from Barcelona.

Alejandro Monge Amarist studio

Alejandro Monge, 1988, contemporary artist from Zaragoza, Spain.

Aran Lozano Amarist studio
Clara Campo Amarist studio
Amarist studio artwork
drawing Welcome lamp by Amarist studio
Clara Campo Amarist Studio, architecture.