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Artist duo formed by Clara Campo and Aran Lozano based in Barcelona, Spain.

Active in contemporary Art and Design. The studio focuses on the creation of functional pieces and sculptures capable of stimulating the thoughts of the viewer through works that invite to reflect on the world around us.

Amarist Studio’s work explores the impact that humanity generates in the world in its continuous evolution. A process that involves observing the imbalances and the gaps that occur in the different cultural and natural assemblages.

During the process of reflection and creation of their work, Amarist Studio felt the necessity to move from ideas to action. As an example of how Art and Design can be important actors for social change. The Studio generated the Welcome Movement, a collection of jewelry made entirely with pieces of the border walls, whose proceeds were donated to the refugees fleeing war zones and natural disasters. Welcome Jewelry changed the meaning of the razor wire and made it a symbol of respect, tolerance and human dignity. Generating a movement to raise awareness and funds for the needs of survivors.


Exhibitions & Fairs
2022  PAD Paris | Priveekollektie Gallery | Collective Exhibition
2021  The Salon NY | Priveekollektie Gallery | Collective Exhibition
2021 Design Miami Basel | Priveekollektie Gallery | Collective Exhibition
2020 Priveekollektie Contemporary Art| Design Gallery | Heusden | Collective Exhibition
2020  IA&A – International Arts & Artists | Washington DC | Solo Exhibition
2019  Art Miami | Priveekollektie Contemporary Art|Design Gallery | Collective Exhibition
2019  The Salon NY | Priveekollektie Contemporary Art|Design Gallery | Collective Exhibition
2019  PAD London | Priveekollektie Contemporary Art|Design Gallery | Collective Exhibition
2019 Priveekollektie Contemporary Art|Design Gallery | Heusden | Collective Exhibition
2018  Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series | New York | Collective Exhibition
2018  Venice Design | Venice Biennale of Architecture | Collective Exhibition
2017  Art New York Fair | Amarist for UNHCR | Solo Exhibition
2016  Design Days Dubai | BDG Gallery | Solo Exhibition
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2022 University of British Columbia, College of Architecture, Vancouver, Canada.
2022 Madrid Design Festival.

2018 Europe Forbes 30 under 30 – Arts & Culture
2018 Spain Forbes 30 under 30
2018 Finalist Global Art Awards
2018 Finalist Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series
2018 Silver & Iron A’ Design Awards
2017 Young Creators Award – Government of Aragon
2015 Design of the year – DesignBoom

Relevant Publications
2021 Room Magazine | España | Entrevista
2021 Interior Design | USA | Aqua Fossil Light
2020  Harper’s Bazaar | Arabia | Interview
2020 Room Magazine | Spain | Amarist Studio
2020 Washington Post | USA | Welcome Exhibition
2019  Cosmopolitan Magazine | Spain | Interview
2018  Forbes Magazine | Europe | 30 under 30
2017  Financial Times | UK | Welcome Jewelry
2017  Harper’s Bazaar | Middle East | Interview
2017  Elle Decoration | Spain | Welcome Lamp
2016  Forbes | Spain | Too Much? Table
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