Terra table

About This Project

The Terra coffee table collection is composed of blocks of hand polished Alabaster Stone. The stones are carefully positioned and balanced to support a crystal base. A unique piece that reflects an organic essence and a minimalist character.

The Terra Coffee Table is made from blocks of polished natural alabaster, respecting always the initial form of the stone. Each table is unique and presents different forms, veined structure and sizes.

Year: 2014
Unique Piece

Highlights: Alabaster stone center table.
Arts and techniques: Masonry and Stonework.
Materials: Alabaster stone, Marquina marble, Tempered Glass.

Height: 47 cm/ 18,5 in.
Diameter: 140 cm / 55,11 in.
Weight: 200 Kg / 440,9 lb. approximately



20 November

Artwork, Furniture