About This Project

Cupiditas from Latin desire is a piece that represents your emotions through the light that emanates from the table’s heart.
The table Cupiditas by Amarist is made out of Alabaster Stone.

A translucent material illuminated from its core with Led RGB Wi-Fi technology and controlled with your Smartphone or Tablet device. This technology allows you to change the light color and intensity in order to create the desired atmosphere in your space.

Cupiditas pure lines and minimalist design perfectly blends functional design with art. An outstanding dinning table for 6-10 people, also available in a smaller size as a coffee table.

Year of Design: 2013

Limited Edition: 7 pieces.

Models: Possibility to choose the centrepiece Cupiditas without the backlit LED system and power supply unit.
Arts and Techniques: Stone work, marble work, metal work, and electronics.
Materials: Alabaster stone, Calatorao marble Stone (basalt), Tempered Glass, 24 K Gold plated brass, RGB Led system and WIFI.
Control Device: RF Remote control, Ipad, IPhone and Android.

Customize Options:

Size and shape of tempered glass. Gold plated insignia with the client’s name.


Height to table top: 760 mm/ 29,92 in.
Total height: 930 mm/ 36,61 in.
Table top width: 1500 mm/ 59,05 in (photo) up to 2000 mm*/ 78,73 in* (custom*).
Weight: 190 kg/ 418 lb. approx.
Power supply unit: Plug: 220v / 110v.



20 November

Artwork, Furniture