Matrix mirror

About This Project

A fine selection of sensual textures are assembled to form a mosaic around a mirror glass, becoming a fresh and dynamic framework that simulates to be under construction. The combination of materials, textures, colours and volumes of the piece can be infinite.

Year: 2014
Limited Edition: 7 pieces.

55 pixels of different materials, colours and finishes shape this wall mirror.
Arts and techniques: Woodwork and lacquer work.
Materials: Silver plated glass mirror, Wood, Ebony, Macassar, Rosewood, Zabrana wood, Mappa Burl.
Finishing: High gloss varnish or matt finish.

Diameter: 90 cm / 35,5 in
Depth: 5 cm / 1,96 in
Weight: 11 Kg / 24,5 lb approximately.


Artwork, Furniture