Cube Essentia

About This Project

The table Cube Essentia represents the beauty of simplicity.
Cube Essentia is the starting point of the Cube Collection. A search to find the pure essence of the object, we eliminate all superfluous elements until reaching the core. The Cube becomes a structural volume that originates different identities using various textures and colours.

Year of Design: 2013

Limited Edition: 7 pieces.

Highlights: Coffee table made out of steel, a marble stone base and a security glass tabletop.
Arts and techniques: Metal work, marble work, glass work and goldsmithing work.
Materials: polished stainless steel or COR-TEN steel with a rust-like appearance, marble stone, glass, 24 Kt. Gold or chrome plated brass.
Finishing: COR-TEN Steel, polished stainless steel or steel lacquered in different colours.

Customize Options:

Type of marble stone for the base, finishing of the glass tabletop, gold plated insignia with the client’s name.
Other Options: The design can have a modular lay out, adding additional pieces to create larger spaces (1+1, 2+2).


Height to table top: 410 mm/ 16,4 in.
Total height: 470 mm/ 18,5 in.
Total width: 900 mm/ 35,43 in.
Total length: 1200 mm/47,24 in.
Weight: 70 kg/ 154lb.



20 November

Artwork, Furniture