Alma stool

About This Project

Alma stool collection is the research in the equilibrium between nature and human kind.
Modern and Natural. Using the sinuous organic lines of the wood, Alma stool is a creation of unique unrepeatable geometric compositions. The stainless steel legs, homage to the Eiffel style, create a contrast transmitting an independent and elegant energy.
The dimension of the top allows this piece to become an auxiliary table as well.

Year: 2014

Highlights: Alma stool.
Arts and techniques: cabinetmaking, metalwork.
Materials: Stainless Steel, Rosewood from the Amazons.
Finishing: Seat: Satin, Matte, or Glossy Varnish. Legs: Stainless Steel: polished or painted.

Leg colors.

*Note: The Alma stool is made of natural wood veneers, each piece can present a different finish due to the nature of the wood.

Height: 45 cm / 17,7 in
Diameter: 33 cm / 12,9 in.
Weight: 7Kg / 15,4 lb




20 November

Artwork, Furniture