About This Project

INTERIOR DESIGN Magazine from USA features Aqua Fossil Light I in their Summer 2021 issue:

Clara Campo and Arán Lozano met in their fathers’ hometown in the Pyrenees mountains. Today, the two run Amarist Studio out of Barcelona, Spain, making functional sculptures that invite reflection on the world. Their Aqua Fossil series introduces Iberian alabaster as a moldable element, returning it to its watery origins where the stone was formed under the sea. For each piece, the technique varies.

To generate Aqua Fossil Light I’s fluid shape with a hollow interior for LEDs, the designers worked freehand, deconstructing and reconstruct­ing a section of the alabaster using resin. The one-of-a-kind shade is bolted to its concrete plinth, the entire lamp standing approximately 32 inches tall.


Amarist feature in Interior Design Magazine