About This Project

Amarist Studio has been immersed in investigating the geological formation of the Alabaster Stone, its use throughout history and the process of extracting the mineral in the quarries near their studio.

The result is a new collection that transports the viewer to a landscape of unknown nature, where each artwork seems to reveal the main element of the molecular composition of Alabaster Stone; Water.

In this way, Amarist Studio’s new Aqua Fossil Light II describes fluid organic compositions presenting Alabaster Stone as a liquid element.

The result of this work presents a trip to the roots of the geological formation of the Iberian Alabaster, a stone of sedimentary and metamorphic origin, which after the evaporation of a sea millions of years ago, led to the formation of this characteristic white stone with translucent properties. Now, the area occupied by this old sea is a desert in the ‘Ribera del Ebro’ area, where deposits of this mineral can be found. Small rocks that are extracted one by one, as if they were buried treasures under an old seabed.

In the area where these Alabaster quarries are located, there are remains of settlements of the different civilizations that have passed through the Iberian Peninsula throughout history. From the Romans to the Arabs, until today. All these civilizations have used the Alabaster Stone and all of them have worked this mineral in a very similar way, which is summarized in stone carvings, lathe techniques and its introduction in architectural elements. With this new body of work Amarist Studio wants to also reimagine the way this mineral is sculpted, reinterpreting the Alabaster as a moldable plastic element, returning it to its aqueous origin and showing each piece as a treasure emerged from an ancient sea.

Year: 2021

Unique piece

Arts and techniques: Sculpture
Materials: Alabaster Stone, Resins, Electronics

Length:  200 cm / 78 in.
Width: 84 cm / 33 in.
Height: 60 cm / 24 in.
Weight: 60 Kg / 132 lb approximately


Available through Priveekollektie Gallery


Artwork, Furniture