Alma mirror

About This Project

Alma mirror is a window to your inner soul. A unique piece that captures the reflections of our world embraced by nature. Alma is the research of the equilibrium between nature and human kind.

The heart of Palo Santo Wood, also known as Holy Wood, draws sinuous organic lines where the artisan carves deep right angles, symbolizing the continuous struggle between nature and human transformation. Both forces converge in a central composition of mirrors.

Year of Design: 2014

Limited Edition: 7 pieces.

Highlights: Alma wall mirror is handmade with Palo Santo wood sheets from the Amazonas and 17 mirrors pieces.
Arts and techniques: Woodwork and glasswork.
Materials: Palo Santo wood sheets, mirrors glass.

Customize Options:

Mirror glass; silver or gray, measurements
Finishing: Gloss or matte.
* The mirror Alma is made off sheets of natural wood, each piece can present a different finish due to the nature of the wood.


Size: 90 x 90 cm / 35,5 x 35,5 in
Depth: 4,5 cm / 1,77 in
Weight: 11 Kg / 24,2 lb approximately.


Artwork, Furniture