At Studio Amarist we focus our work in capturing the moments of transformation and evolution of the people and the elements that coexist in our planet. We aim to capture these moments in beautiful art pieces to help meditate about the present, inviting society to draw a better future.

The studio

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We are a studio of artists, designers and architects based in Barcelona. Active in Contemporary Art and Design, we focus our work in the creation of furniture of limited edition and unique pieces.

Amarist was born to create a unique experience through design, awaking emotions and communicating challenging or provocative concepts through functional pieces.

Declaration of the Artist

Our work reflects the transformation of the elements that coexist on Earth; alive, still life, emotions or memories. We observe their evolution, adaptation or destruction through the inexorable pass of time. Dedicating special attention to the human being and the changes that makes in its relationship with the environment. An open discussion about the equilibrium or disequilibrium that our society generates.

In our pieces we play with geometric lines and organic volumes, working only with natural materials of great sensuality.

We believe that capturing these moments of transformation in beautiful pieces makes us witnesses of history, driving us to think about the present to be able to draw a better future.

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