Too much?

About This Project

What is the value of money?
Amarist studio crosses the line between Art and Design with one of their most provocative creations: “Too much?”. This functional sculpture seeks to provoke a deep thought on the viewer about the volatility of money.

“An euro bill by itself is a mere tinted paper representing a figure; 20, 50, 100 … and has no more value than the time invested to get it. We just seek to exchange it for a desired object or experience”

Out of this meditation we created our unique project “Too much?”. A piece of art transformed into an original dining table made of a glass cube containing partially burnt 50 €uro bills and with a thin biofuel flame rising above its surface. Where the artist reproduced meticulously banknotes from paper using a hyper-realistic technique, and simulated the effect of the burning fire sculpting and petrifying ashes with resin.

Year of Design: 2014

Unique Piece.

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Highlights: Work of art that combines drawing, painting and sculpture.
Introduced inside an armoured cube that becomes the structure of the table.
Arts and Techniques: Hyperrealism drawing and sculpturing, woodwork, glasswork and metal work.
Materials: Paper, paint, glass, metal, carbon fibre and gold platted brass.


There are two versions for the top pyramid; Sculpture made out of ashes. Option to set the pyramid on fire and controlled decorative fire.


Height to table top: 810 mm / 31,89 in.
Total height: 915 mm / 36 in.

Table top width: 1500 mm / 59 in.
Weight: 250 kg / 551 lb approximate.


Artwork, funtional sculpture
Funtional sculpture