Lux table

About This Project

A Research to find the pure essence of the object, eliminating all superfluous elements until reaching the core.
The Cube becomes a structural volume that can have different identities according to its materiality.

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Year: 2014
Limited Edition: 7 pieces + 2 AP

Models: Dining table – Coffee table.
Arts and Techniques: Metal work, marble work, glasswork and goldsmithing work.
Materials: Black pearl glass, steel, marble base, security glass and 24 Kt. gold plated brass.


Height to table top: 74 cm / 29,1 in
Total height: 87 cm / 33,9 in
Width: 140 cm / 55,1 in
Length: 140 cm / 55,1 in
Weight: 100kg / 220 lb approximately



Artwork, Artwork, Furniture