Fuego Amigo

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Fuego Amigo

Composed of 3 mortar grenades, this piece explores the beauty in the shape and the design of a mortar shell, with the intention to redefine its meaning and purpose. Made in Alabaster stone and brass plated in 24-Karat Gold, the work accurately reproduces the 80mm mortar shell grenade, one of the most commonly used projectiles in the Spanish Civil War.

Amarist’s work establishes a reflection on the contradictions that each one of us experiences as an individual and as a society, shaping what we are as a whole. ¡Fuego Amigo! sculptures seem to rise to the same level what is desired and what is detested, as a symbol of the duality that resides in mankind. An invitation to an interior reflection with oneself and with the world.

To achieve the duality, the studio explores a shape as recognizable and as controversial as a projectile, rethinking its own nature to change the perception of its meaning. The work shows each piece as a symbol of power that stands as an object of desire, but at the same time submissive to the fragility and purity of the material.

The designers have proposed this work as a series of pieces experimenting with different formats, materials and scales, which allow each sculpture to reflect a different identity, submerging the viewer in reflection and introspection.

Amarist Studio, formed by Arán Lozano and Clara Campo, has spent the past 2 years observing and reflecting on different areas of the socio-economic, technological and cultural spectrum. As young creatives they feel restless and participants of the new paradigms that will dictate the near future of our society.

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Year: 2017

Limited Edition: 7 pieces + 2AP.

Highlights: Sculptural Lamp.
Arts and Techniques: Goldsmith, sculpture, electronics.
Materials: Alabster stone, brass, electronics.

Height x unit: 45 cm / 17,7 in.
Diameter x unit: 8 cm / 3,1 in.
Weight x unit: 10 Kg / 22 lb approximately


Artwork, funtional sculpture
Missile sculpture lamp by Amarist studio Alabaster sculpture lamp, Fuego Amigo by Amarist Studio Missile sculpture lamp by Amarist studio Missile sculpture lamp by Amarist studio Missile lamp by Amarist studio Missile lamp by Amarist studio