Atmosphere 6

About This Project

Flower Sculpture.

In a fragile, almost apocalyptic future, Aeris Collection discovers, captures and protects those magical signals of hope that Nature suddenly gives us. A fearless statement of patience and perseverance materialized in the most innocent, naïve beauty.
The result of the Collection is a series of atmospheres enclosed to provide us with the light and desire to work for a better future.

Each one of the captured atmospheres is composed by a dried flower with an inserted Led light in its heart. Each flower grows from a different type of base representing the harms of our civilization. Finally, the set is enclosed by a glass urn to protect and enhance the piece as a whole object of desire.

Atmosphere 6.  6: 7-8  “Wrath”  

Year: 2015

Unique piece

Highlights: Sculpture light.
Arts and techniques: Taxidermy, sculpture, electronics.
Materials: Dried rose and butterfly, brass, glass and wood.

Height: 50 cm / 19,7 in.
Length: 30 cm / 11,8 in.
Width: 30 cm / 11,8 in.
Weight: 3 Kg / 6 lb approximately


Artwork, funtional sculpture
amarist, amarist studio, atmosphere, sculpture