About This Project

Amarist Studio has been immersed in investigating the geological formation of the Alabaster Stone, its use throughout history and the process of extracting the mineral in the quarries near their studio.

The result is a new collection that transports the viewer to a landscape of unknown nature, where each artwork seems to reveal the main element of the molecular composition of Alabaster Stone; Water.

In this way, Amarist Studio’s new Aqua Fossil Wall Lights describes fluid organic compositions presenting Alabaster Stone as a liquid element.

It shows each piece of Alabaster as a testimony of fossilized water from the past, being the light that emanates from the interior a representation of life.

Year: 2021

Unique Piece

Arts and techniques: Sculpture
Materials: Alabaster Stone, Electronics

Height: 120 cm / 47 in.
Length:  60 cm / 20 in.
Width: 7 cm / 3 in.
Weight: 12 Kg / 26 lb approximately


Available through Priveekollektie Gallery


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