Dumbo table Lamp sculpture by Amarist Studio
Dumbo Lamp

Dumbo Lamp Sculpture Lamp Toys are a series of unique sculptures made with stuffed animals and concrete blocks. These sculptures pose a hopeful look at the rebirth from a dark time. Toys that once comforted a child were buried under the rubble of a conflict. And now, they rediscover...

Alabaster Table lamp sulcupture by Amarist studio
Fuego Amigo II

Fuego Amigo II Sculpture table Lamp. Mortar grenade, this piece explores the beauty in the shape and the design of a mortar shell, with the intention to redefine its meaning and purpose. Made in Alabaster stone and chromed brass, the work accurately reproduces the 80mm mortar shell...

Sculpture lamp Alabaster stone mortal grenade by Amarist studio
Angels & Demons

Angels & Demons is a sculpture table lamp developed in a framework of reflection on today’s international politics and socio-economic conflicts. The artwork freezes the moment of collision of a mortar bomb into an architectural space, projecting a series of symbols of our society on the...