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Amarist studio team


Amarist Studio is formed by the artists and designers Clara Campo and Arán Lozano.

Active in Contemporary Art and Design, the studio focuses its work in the creation of conceptual furniture of limited edition and unique pieces.

The artwork is characterized by the colossal visual power and the ability to stimulate the thoughts of the viewer, inviting us to reflect on the world around us. 

Amarist Studio doesn’t find a concrete boundary between art and design.

They don’t believe that design should be limited to purely functional pieces. Similarly, they don’t believe that art can’t have a specific functionality. Therefore, Amarist Studio merges these two worlds into two lines of creation: 

An Abstract Line where they explore the sensuality of materiality and the complexity of volumes, developing pieces containing at the same time challenging concepts.

On the other hand, they propose a Figurative Line where they create and convert conceptual artworks into pieces with a common functionality, transmitting at the same time thoughtful, controversial or provocative messages.

Declaration of the artist

Our work reflects the transformation of the elements that coexist on Earth; alive, still life, emotions or memories. We observe their evolution, adaptation or destruction through the inexorable pass of time. Dedicating special attention to human kind and the changes that its existence causes in the environment. An open discussion about the equilibrium or disequilibrium that our society generates in nature.

In our pieces we play with organic lines and geometric volumes, working only with natural materials of great sensuality.

We believe that capturing these moments of transformation in beautiful pieces makes us witnesses of history, driving us to think about the present to be able to draw a better future.


Aran Lozano Amarist studio

Aran Lozano, 1988, Designer and Artist from Zaragoza, Spain.

Sofia Leclair Amarist studio

Sofía Leclair, 1983. Team Manager. Born in Toronto and raised in Spain.

Clara Campo Amarist studio

Clara Campo, 1988, Architect and Designer from Barcelona.

Alejandro Monge Amarist studio

Alejandro Monge, 1988, contemporary artist from Zaragoza, Spain.

Aran Lozano Amarist studio
Clara Campo Amarist studio
Amarist studio artwork
drawing Welcome lamp by Amarist studio
artwork cupiditas table by studio Amarist
Aran Lozano atelier Amarist
Too much table working by Amarist 1000